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You don't have to be a Good Cop to play fair and Bad Cops don't always use foul play. The action cards on offer in the deck give you the option to play nice or to scupper your opponents giving you the chance to crack the case before anyone else gathers all the evidence! 

Fair Play Card.png

Need some backup? Share your evidence by swapping a card from your hand for a card from another detective. No peaking at their case file though, you must choose by looking at the backs of their cards. If there are other detectives make sure they don’t sneak a peak of the cards whilst the swap takes place.

Foul Play Card.png

If you can’t find your own evidence just steal it! Take one card from another detective’s hand. You must choose by looking at the backs of their cards but it’s worth a stab in the dark, right?

Character Card PNG.png

A clever criminal never returns to the scene of the crime but an intelligent investigator does! Swap a card from your hand with one from the crime scene. Place the card you want to swap face down in front of you, take a card from the crime scene and put your chosen card in its place.

Red Herring Card PNG.png

Something fishy is going on here! This card is useless to you and best discarded.

Block Card PNG.png

Another dead end! After a detective has played a card and named it ANY detective can block their move with this card. Both the played card and the block card are discarded and both detectives replace them with cards from the Evidence Locker (Blocker picks first).



 Blocking a detective from solving the crime? They retrieve their suspect card back into their hand and the blocker discards the block card, replacing it with a card from the Evidence Locker. BAD COP 

The detective attempting to solve the crime loses the suspect card to the blocker, the block card is discarded and the blocker picks up a card from the Evidence Locker.


For a quicker and less 'FOUL' investigation, you can 

add in the rule that once the Block Card is used it is removed from play.


Interrogate Card PNG.png
Full Cooperation Card.png

Each FOUL PLAY theme has it's own unique Special Play Action Cards.

Got more than one theme then mix and mingle the cards to make for a more intense investigation!





Looking for a new line of enquiry? You can take the cards from one other detective, comb through for clues and then hand their cards back to them.

Time for you all to work together and lay your cards on the table. When this card is played every detective reveals their hand to everyone else. The cards are then picked back up and play continues once all detectives have seen what they need to.

Crime Scene.png

Play this card and you can turn over two cards in the crime scene.

This works both ways. You can reveal the cards in the crime scene or if they've already been turned over you can conceal them again.

NB : If a Crime Scene Card is played, any face up cards taken from the Crime scene must be replaced with a face up card.

Gone Cold.png

Upon A

If there's any card worse than a block card, this is it!

Playing this card will make an opposing detective discard their whole hand and replace it (to the same number of discarded cards) from the evidence locker pile. 

NB : A savvy detective may find an opportunity to use this on themselves if they are on the hunt for a suspect or a final peice of evidence! 

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