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Foul Play is now playable via VIDEO CALL! The New FOUL PLAY : FACE CRIME rules are available now!


Want to find out all about how to play FOUL PLAY? You've come to the right place!

Below you'll find a video tutorial that will take you through all the details for set up, the turn and how to win both Good Cop & Bad Cop.

Alternatively you can just hit the links below and be taken to the online rules for each game mode.

If that wasn't enough we've also got free downloadable rules that you can access by clicking the link HERE

You'll also find more handy hints on game play on the FAQ and Action Cards pages of the website.

If there's anything at all we haven't covered or you've got any more queries about how to play then please feel free to contact us via chat or any of the other options on the contact page. 


Foul Play Game Tutorial Time Stamps

0.00 - Intro

1.22  - Good Cop Set Up

5.00 - Rules of the Turn - Good Cop & Bad Cop follow the same rules of turn taking.

8.41 - How to Win Good Cop

10.05 - Bad Cop Set Up

12.04 - How to Win Bad Cop

13.30 - Outro

Rules are now FREE to download from our website!

Hit the link below and log in to access a variety of free resources to aid in your investigation! 

Tabletop Gaming Magazine: How to Play

Nerd Problems Gaming : How To Play

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