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Once Upon A Crime

Carabosse the Bad Fairy is dead, and her Big Book of Villainy has been stolen!

In a shocking revelation, the magic mirror has revealed that all the suspects are goodies!

Which one of these shining lights of virtue could possibly have a motive for going bad?

You'd be surprised what people will do to get their happily ever after! 


The vacuous son of King and Queen Goodheart, the rulers of Storybook Land.

He may be handsome and muscular, but he is also spoilt, selfish and lacking in any form of compassion for his subjects. He is next in line for the throne of Storybook Land but unfortunately for him , his parents don’t think that he’ll make a very good ruler and have decided to change the rules of succession to allow their daughter Princess Grace Goodheart to become queen when the King abdicates.

This hasn’t gone down well with the Prince, fortunately (or unfortunately for him) he has very few skills that will help him overthrow the King and take his rightful place on the throne. The only thing he could possibly do to guarantee the crown is to steal the infamous book of villainy and then he’d be in with a chance.

Wears a golden ring, carries a money bag, has a purple flower brooch on his cravat, he wears blue, has a silver chain across his chest, and rings with emerald stones in them. he has white feathers in his hat and carries a sword and dagger. 

After a rather unfortunate incident when a Big Bad Wolf ate her Grandma, Red Riding Hood decided enough was enough! Disappearing for a year to a Tibetan Monastery, she became a highly trained fighting machine who stalks the woods keeping Grandmas everywhere safe from all wild creatures. She became vengeance, she became the night. A flash of her red cape in the woods made the animals flee with terror (after all, they are a superstitious and cowardly lot) Her ultimate goal is to rid the world of all wild animals, which doesn’t gel well with Goldilock’s vision for the future so the two are constantly at war to gain the upper hand. If Red Riding Hood had a certain big book of villainy she would be able to achieve her goal much quicker than one throwing star at a time.


She carries throwing stars, her basket has a yellow ribbon on it. She wears red (obviously!), has a skull and crossbones on a bottle in her basket, there are white feathers on her arrows and she carries many, many knives! 


Princess Goodheart and The Swan Princess had found the one thing that everyone hopes for in Storybook Land : True Love.

When they announced their engagement there was much rejoicing. The house of Goodheart and the house of Swan would join to strengthen the bonds between their two nations, but the princesses didn’t care much about the politics of it all. All that mattered to them was what was in their hearts.

The date for the wedding was set and everything was going so well until King Goodheart made his announcement that Princess Goodheart would now be his successor to the throne.

Now Princess Goodheart was going to be queen, maybe the Swan Kingdom wasn’t quite the right alliance to make. Maybe she needed to look to a stronger kingdom. In fact, he’d already arranged a meeting with the guild of Camelot who had promised an amazing trade agreement should the Princess Goodheart marry King Arthur’s son.

Now with Princess Goodheart bound by duty and the people of the land rejoicing the alliance with Camelot it seemed that love wouldn’t conquer all. Not without a little help. Maybe if the Swan Princesses kingdom was more powerful, or if she could make Camelot weaker, or maybe charm the entire kingdom to accept the house of Swan as the kingdom’s new alliance… whatever she was going to do, she’d need to use some powerful magic, but she was determined to get her happy ever after… by any means necessary.

She wears a blue cloak with a yellow ribbon tie and a white feather collar that is tied around the neck with a yellow ribbon. Her swan helmet and sword both have emerald stones as eyes. Her armour has gold stairs and silver chain on it. 

During his life on the seven seas, Sinbad has survived seven ship wrecks, rok attacks, giant whales, being buried alive, man eating snakes, cannibals and even cyclops attacks (to name a few of his misadventures) and he’s always managed to end up on top. Some might say he’s the luckiest sailor alive. Those are the people who don’t know the truth of his first voyage.

It is told that in a faraway land he saved the Sultan’s horse from a sea demon and that led him to great riches. In truth, the sea demon offered Sinbad a deal. In return for his soul, the sea demon would allow Sinbad seven voyages of adventure and riches on the seas. Each voyage would bring great wealth and when that wealth was gone he could set off again on another voyage. Sinbad being young and impetuous could see no reason why he would need all those voyages for a happy life and took the deal. After all, surely he could survive of the wealth of one voyage. Only if he took the seven voyages would he need to hand over his soul. Problem was, gold and diamonds don’t go very far when you’re young and fancy free. And as he kept getting shipwrecked and his crew kept getting killed or eaten he needed to keep buying new ships until before he knew it seven voyages were done and he was penniless again. Now, when he dies his soul will be eaten by a sea demon. Unless he can find magic powerful enough to undo the deal. Maybe a big book of villainy would be powerful enough?


He carries a money bag, wears a golden ring, his waistcoat is red and he carries a bottle of purple rose rum and a large sword. His white feathered cockatoo travels everywhere with him and he has a skull and crossbones tattoo.


No-one knows if Goldilocks got lost in the woods or was ‘accidentally’ left there by long suffering parents who were at the end of their tether due to the constant turmoil and temper tantrums of everything having to be just right. All we know is that she ended up in a cottage inhabited by three bears. Three bears who took her in and were happy to allow her to rule their lives and make sure their beds weren’t too soft, their chairs too hard and their porridge too hot. Goldilocks likes living with the bears. They do as they’re told. They are much better than humans who have this nasty habit of not conforming to the way things Goldilocks likes. In fact life would be so much nicer for Goldilocks if the world was just filled with animals and no humans existed at all. If only she had access to something as powerful as the big book of villainy then she could make her dream of a human free world come true and everything would be just right.

She wears a blue dress and yellow ribbons in her hair and a star shaped pendent with an emerald gree stone in the centre of it. There are leaves in her hair and baby bear travels everywhere with her on a silver chain. Her weapon of choice is a club.

Everything was going so well for the Pied Piper. He was head of the Storybook Land Philharmonic Orchestra, he had a wonderful family, a wonderful home, life was wonderful. Until the rats…

When Storybook Land became overrun, he decided to offer his services to the mayor to use his melodic talents to rid the town of the infestation. He’d always wanted to own a holiday home in Arundel and the fee for his services would help him achieve that dream. He hadn’t banked on the Mayor of the town refusing to pay him. That made him angry! His wife and daughter told him it didn’t matter, he shouldn’t worry about it, just to leave it. Piper wasn’t the kind of man to let something like that lie though. He had done the job and he deserved paying. He would find a way to get his money!

In retrospect, stealing children probably wasn’t the best course of action. On the positive side he did get his money, on the negative the whole town now hated him. He lost his job. Even his wife and daughter couldn’t look at him anymore. He became a social outcast. Living in the abandoned pickle factory on the outskirts of town, with no-one but the rats to keep him company. If only he hadn’t gotten so angry and stolen the children, if only he could get a do over, if only there was a magical book that had the ability to turn back time that could make his life as wonderful as it was before…


His tatty outfit is covered in red patches, he wears a golen ring and carries a money bag and a bottle of rat poison with a skull and crossbones on it. He has a purple flower in his hat with leaves attached and his rats travel everywhere with him. He carries a large piece of metal pipe to bash people with. 


When a young, wide eyed, beautiful boy first arrived in Storybook Land he never once imagined that he’d one day be mayor of the town and wield so much power. Now he can think of nothing else!

Power is a funny thing. Once you’ve got it, you always want more. It’s much like money and food in that way and Dick Whittington wants all of the above in abundance. Problem is that as a mere poor boy made good he’s reached the highest position he possibly can. The only person more powerful than him is the King of the land and the only way he could ever gain that coveted position is if he formed an uprising and stormed the castle.

The thing is, to overthrow the throne you need support and nobody likes Dick anymore, The only way he stays in power is through the amazing amount of bribes he doles out. You also need to have resolve to run a successful coup and Dick really can’t be bothered with all that. It all seems like far too much hard work. What he really needs is a nice easy way to get himself a castle, a crown, a kingdom and an inordinate amount of money, food and power. If only there were a big magic book of villainy somewhere that could do the job…

Wears blue robes of office and carries a money bag attached to him with a silver chain. He has emerald jewellery and carries his heavy mace of office with him at all times. His hat has a purple flower with leaves in it and his cat travels everywhere with him/ 

A revolution is brewing!

Up until now the little folk have always been taken for granted and enslaved by those of a taller stature. The Dwarves digging for diamonds in the Prince’s mines. The Elves stitching away in the shoemaker’s shop. The Fairy’s being harvested for dust to help children fly.

Thumbelina has had enough! The little people shall be stepped on and looked down upon no more. They deserve respect and if they aren’t going to take no for an answer. She’s been running a resistance for a while now but so far they haven’t been able to achieve anything more than hiding odd socks and pen lids and making you think you’ve misplaced your keys. It’s time to move onto phase 2 – for that they need some powerful magic. Book of Villainy anyone?


She carries a hammer with yellow ribbon tied around it (she is small so the ribbon will look bigger!) Her shield has a skull and crossbones on it, she wears a cloak of leaves and rides a rabbit who wears red robes with a star pendent. 

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