Manor House Murder

Lord D'Arque is dead, enquiries have led to the Lord's loved ones being ruled out, and the search for a clear picture has put the servants of the manor in the frame. But what possible motive could the staff have for wanting their mean and miserly master murdered?

You'd be surprised what secrets are lurking behind the doors of the Manor! 

Ideas above his station but he's not above stooping low enough to listen at the keyholes.


Smothers has learned through some "accidental eavesdropping" that 25 years of loyal service will reward him with a very healthy inheritance from his Lordship... Once the lord has passed. Stealing the silverware would become a thing of the past, and good things come to those who wait.

If only his miserly master would hurry up and die...

Is Male, has brown hair, smokes, wears a watch and a ring, wears a red flower in his lapel, a green bow-tie and was last seen carrying a gun in the vicinity of Lord D'Arque.

Mrs Lynch used to be happily married to the head groomsman at the manor. Unfortunately Mr Lynch died whilst out on a hunt with Lord D'Arque.


It seemed that his Lordships's shotgun accidentally discharged in Mr Lynch's direction... several times.


Apparently, Lord D'Arque mistook him for a pheasant, so it was really Mr Lynch's fault for looking like a bird and wasn't his Lordship's mistake at all.

Mrs Lynch isn't bitter. These things happen.

Guns can go off by accident just as swords can accidentally fall off the wall and impale people several times.

Is Female, has brown hair, smokes, wears a watch, glasses and a ring, wears a red flower brooch, a green blouse & belt and was last seen carrying a sword in the vicinity of Lord D'Arque.

Mortimer never complains. He has the worst quarters and works the longest hours, there's even a rumor going around that his Lordship doesn't pay him a wage!

Mortimer seems happy enough though. Maybe it's because he gets to drive one of those new-fangled motor vehicles around all day?

Or maybe it's because Lord D'Arque holds a deep dark secret about Mortimer's past, a secret that has life-ruining consequences if ever revealed? Maybe that's why Mortimer just has to carry on and keep smiling until such a time that Lord D'Arque doesn't hold any influence over him anymore? Maybe that's why he's so passive all the time?

Or maybe it's just because he likes driving the car...

Is Male, has grey hair, wears gloves and a hat, and was last seen carrying a pistol in the vicinity of Lord D'Arque.

Olive isn't well. She hasn't been feeling well for a while.

She tried to stuff a turkey for dinner the other night and it spoke to her. It told her things that the Lord D'Arque had been saying about her... about her cooking!

The things he said about her soup! The words he used to describe her sprouts! How could he say that about her broccoli!

She made the turkey shut up, and if she ever heard anyone else say those things about her cooking she'd make sure they'd shut up too... for good!

Is Female, has grey hair, wears a hat, gloves and glasses,  and was last seen carrying a kitchen knife in the vicinity of Lord D'Arque.

Mr Hemlock hasn't worked at the manor for very long although he has had a long and illustrious career as a gardener for many rich families.

It's just unfortunate that all of his previous employers have either disappeared or ended up dead through freak accidents.

It's purely coincidental that he was being employed at these houses when the death's occurred, absolutely circumstantial that most of the death's involved gardening implements and it's purely incidental that one of his previous missing employers was discovered buried in a particular luscious bed of hydrangea.

What possible motive could Mr Hemlock have for killing all of these people it's not as if there's such a thing as a serial killer in Edwardian England.

Is Male, has grey hair, smokes, carries keys, wears a watch & ring,  and was last seen carrying a flintlock pistol in the vicinity of Lord D'Arque.

There is unrest in Europe and it seems that a war is looming. With his appointment to the House of Lord's defence committee, Lord D'Arque is away from the manor quite a lot and so he has hired a new Governess for his youngest daughter.

It gives his Lordship one less thing to worry about as there is talk that  top-secret documents are somehow being stolen and sent to England's enemies.

The leak certainly isn't coming from Lord D'Arque as he keeps all his      top-secret paperwork in his study and the only other people who uses that room are his daughter and her Governess, for her lessons. 

Is Female, has grey hair, smokes, carries keys, wears glasses, a watch & ring,  and was last seen carrying a sword in the vicinity of Lord D'Arque.

Is Male, has brown hair, wears a hat,  gloves & green braces, has a tattoo of a rose on his arm and was last seen carrying a rifle in the vicinity of Lord D'Arque.

Growing up on the D'Arque Estate, Cillian became very close to his Lordship's eldest son Charles.

In fact he's recently been helping him with a problem. You see, Charles was supposed to get engaged to the daughter of an Earl, but Charles is in love with someone else and he doesn't know what to do. Lord D'Arque has told Charles that if he doesn't get married then he'll be banished from the estate, forever.


Charles doesn't want to leave the estate, Cillian doesn't want Charles to leave the estate. In fact, they've been spending a lot of time alone together in the stables trying to come up with a solution to the problem. If only Lord D'Arque wasn't around to control his son's life then Charles could be with the one he loves... and so could Cillian. 

Is Female, has brown hair, wears green gloves and glasses, has a red flower on her hat and was last seen carrying a dagger in the vicinity of Lord D'Arque.

When Ivy's parents died she came to live with her Uncle Mason on the D'Arque Estate. She enjoys life as a maid of the house, although some of her duties are a bit strange.

Lord D'Arque insists that she warm his bed for him every night, and sometimes he even gets into it before she gets out.

Then there was the time that he wanted her to try on some dresses that he'd bought for his eldest daughter, whilst he watched. He's always dropping things too, and then she has to bend down and pick them up for him, then he drops them again. Still as strange as it is, at least she has her own room. There's this odd portrait in there that seems to be watching her every time she gets undressed at night. It's almost as if the eyes are moving. Maybe she'll poke them with something sharp one night to stop them staring...


Game concept : Ben & Lee Cooper-Muir | Character Design & Illustration - James Lawrence | Graphic Design : Ian Robinson


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