Foul Play : The Murder Mystery Card game has an extremely wide appeal, from families looking for fun to seasoned gamers out to solve a little bit of crime. 

Find out what they thought below! 

‘’ This is a really fun, challenging game for all generations to enjoy together. We own a lot of games (seriously, I mean A LOT!!!) and this is very easily in our top 5. It’s a brilliant concept, very well thought out, and has different ways of playing so it’s always full of surprises. We cannot recommend it enough.’’

Mum's Family Fun

‘Foul Play card game is a little different from other murder mystery games we’ve played and it keeps you on your toes. It’s certainly kept us well entertained recently.’

‘I’m always keen to look at ways to entertain my eleven-year-old son where there’s no technology involved.  Having fun with the Foul Play card game is a perfect example of just that.’’

Over 40 and Mum to One

"Foul Play is a murder mystery card game and gave us a lot of fun last week. We all enjoyed it. I really liked the fact it was a card game so small enough to pack in a bag when we get the chance to go away again."

The Gingerbread House 

"Played Foul Play this evening.

Really fun! Definitely recommend! 

Slummy Single Mummy

"Big Caravan Energy!

It’s quite jolly in its way, and there is a certain amount of tension in trying to work out what other people have already seen. A light entry to the spot the murderer genre, which is always welcome."


Tabletop Gaming Magazine

Foul Play is one of those games where you play it, and wonder why no-one has done it before. Once you get the hang of it, which takes all of two minutes, turns fly around. You find yourself trying to read the other peoples’ faces when they pick up a card, looking for tell-tale signs of disappointment or excitement, and trying to remember what colour the back of that card was.

I really enjoyed Foul Play. It’s fast, easy (although tricky after a couple of glasses of Port), and it’s a game that feels like one of those that’s been in a family for years already. It takes up no real space, it’s cheap (less than £9), and I genuinely really like it. It feels a bit like it’s distilled Cluedo – without the board. If you’re looking for a filler or something to play with the family, or to take anywhere for a quick blast, I really recommend it.

Punchboard Reviews

"The pace of the game is just right, with everyone doing their best to find the evidence and call out the right suspect. It's a fun game, which will keep you on your toes, keep your mind from falling asleep and I think probably help with memory!"

Das Weally Cool

‘’Foul Play is a light casual simple hand management game that doesn’t overstay it’s welcome.

You’ll steal cards from other detectives with a grin on your face, or grimace as you’re forced to share evidence with other players.

It's a game that is simple to learn, straightforward to play, and will make you smile as long as you aren’t taking things too seriously.’’

We're Not Wizards


Game concept : Ben & Lee Cooper-Muir | Character Design & Illustration - James Lawrence | Graphic Design : Ian Robinson


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