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If you want unrivalled expertise in the field of murder then the only people to turn to are crime writers! We asked a selection of the UK's best to try their hand at Foul Play and let us know what they thought. Find out their opinions and even watch some of them in action below!

Adam Croft & Robert Daws

Partners in Crime Podcast

"It's a really good game! I prefer it to Cluedo! It's incredibly easy to get in the swing of things. It's a fantastic game, perfect for the holidays. With 3 different variations, it's wonderful to have so much in one pack."


Twitter : @adamcroft

Twitter : @robertdaws

Twitter : @rachelsargeant3

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Rachel Sargeant

Fun for all the family! 

Bad cops, good cops, red herrings, a maid, a cook and a stablehand – A whole country-house murder mystery in the palm of our hands. 


Makes Murder Fun!

I played this last weekend and it was a lot of fun. It would have been a GREAT DEAL OF fun, but I lost

Twitter : @MWCravenUK


Charles Harris

Foul Play is a gem.

I just played with my wife as rival detective. She cheated, but I still won. the game is easier to play than Cluedo and just as much fun.

Twitter : @chasharris

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Noelle Holten

Sharon Bairden

This was a fantastic game!

Clever, addictive and so much fun!

I highly recommend this game!

Did we have fun, hell yeah!

It’s the ideal game for those times in life where you have murder on your mind…

sins of the father.jpg
dead secret.jpg

Twitter : @NHolten40

Lesley Kelly

We loved it!

Engrossing enough to play multiple times, the joy of stealing cards from the other players never got old!

Twitter : @lkauthor

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Nick Quantrill

We Loved Playing It!

It's brilliant! I'm terrible at sniffing out the murderer though...

Twitter : @NickQuantrill

Nick Quantrill.jpg

Lin Anderson

Good Crimey Fun!

I’d definitely give it

the thumbs up 

Twitter : @Lin_Anderson

Lin Anderson.png

Kerry Richardson

Excellent Card Game

A game for all the family to enjoy. A little murder, a little mystery, what more could you need? 

Twitter : @KerryAnn77

kerry richardson.jpg

Sarah Todd Taylor

I thoroughly enjoyed this!

Murder mystery in a card box and clever game mechanics that make a different case each time you play.

Twitter : @scraphamster

sarah todd taylor.png

Fleur Hitchcock

Top Marks!

It's alot of fun. Counting, peering, checking for clues, we'll definitely be playing it again. 

Twitter : @FleurHitchcock

fleur hitchcock.jpg

Eileen Wharton

Great Game!

Really enjoying it! We played this as a family and loved it. A fabulous lockdown, after-dinner game. 

Twitter : @whartoneileen

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