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FOUL PLAY | The Manor House Murder



A Game for 2 - 5 players | 52 playing cards | Age 8+


Welcome to Edwardian England. The Lord of the Manor is dead! The servants are our lead suspects and it's up to you to unearth the evidence, seek out the suspects, and catch the culprit in order to scupper the other sleuths and win this game of murder!

There's more than one way to catch a killer though. So what's it gonna be? Good Cop or Bad Cop? These two game versions come with their own set of rules and tactics to crack the case and finger your suspect, but will you use fair play or FOUL PLAY? 


FOUL PLAY | The Manor House Murder

SKU: 7427137020405
  • If you are unsatisfied with your product in any way you can return for a full refund up to 14 days after the original purchase date.

    Please contact After Dark Murder Mystery Events prior to returning the item in order to instigate the returns and refunds procedure. 


    3 - 5 working days Royal Mail Second Class

    1 Deck - £1.65

    2 Decks - £2.00

    3 Decks - £2.50

    4 Decks - £3.00


    Pick up can be arranged from our offices in Morecambe. Due to Lockdown please email to arrange pick-up.



    Royal Mail International 8 - 14 days

    1 Deck - £6.50

    2 Decks - £7.50

    3 Decks - £8.50

    For orders over 3 decks please get in touch regards international postage.


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