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We've amassed so many positive reviews of Foul Play since we launched the game that we couldn't possibly fit them onto one page of the website!

That's why we've filed the evidence in handy links below. Want to find out what crime writers thought of the game, no problem! How about bloggers - we've got you covered. Just hit the buttons below to go to the relevant pages to find out all about what people thought. 

Alternatively we've given you a taste of the cliff notes below! 

If you want to leave us a review or have any feedback about Foul Play then just nip over to any of our social media feeds

TWITTER: @afterdarkmurder

INSTAGRAM: @afterdarkmurder

FACEBOOK: After Dark Murder Mystery Events

Don't forget to use the #foulplaygame hashtag

Alternatively, you can use the chat function or contact us via email :

Don't want to read through the full reviews? Here are the highlights below!

If you want to find out more you can navigate to the full reviews through the link buttons above.

Great fun 

Teas, Books and Biscuits

Perfect Little Game 

Brown Flopsy's Book Burrow

Absolutely stunning

Portable Magic

Fast-paced & Fun

Book before you leap


The Fallen Librarian


My Chestnut Reading Tree

A lot of Fun



Robert Daws

Fantastic Game 

The shelf of unread books


Chicks, Rogues & Scandals


Zoo Loo's Book Diary

Incredibly addictive

A Quintillion Words

Great Addition

Babbage & Sweetcorn

A Winner

The Quick & The Read


Noelle Holten

Super Fun

Lesley Kelly

Really Enjoyable 

The Book Cosy Club

We had a lot of fun

PRDG Reads

Worth it! 

Beyond the Book

I loved Playing

Four Stars

Books Behind the Title


Hair Past A Freckle

Great Fun

Sharon Bairden


Adam Croft

Super Fun Game 

Books by Bindu

We had a lot of fun

PRDG Reads

Great Fun 

Cookie Biscuits Blog

Fun Game

Nicki's Book Blog


The Curious Ginger Cat

Fun for the Family

Rachel Sargeant

A Gem

Charles Harris

Great Game

Eileen Wharton


Mum's Family Fun

I really recommend it

Punchboard Reviews

We all enjoyed it

The Gingerbread House

Really Fun!

Slummy Single Mummy


Over 40 and mum to one

A Fun Game

Das Weally Cool

Will make you smile

We're not Wizards

Big Caravan Energy

Tabletop Game Magazine

It's Brilliant

Nick Quantrill

Good Crimey Fun

Lin Anderson

Clever Mechanics

Sarah Todd Taylor

Five Stars

Parenting Without Tears


KA Richardson

Top Marks

Fleur Hitchcock

Five Stars

What's Good To Do

Clever Little Game

Casual Game Revolution

Quick & Fun

3rd Strike

Crowd Pleaser

Harriet Cooper

So much fun

Yet Another Blogging Mummy

Great Game

Cats, Kids, Chaos

Five Stars

Our Family Reviews

A Great Deal of Fun

The Lucky Roll


Peach Leaf Street

Fun to Play

Madhouse Family Reviews

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